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Book one: 
Nightshade Forest

When eleven-year-old Eleanor receives a gift from her father, she never imagines it will open a portal to a fairytale world. Upon reading the first sentence of chapter one, she finds herself standing in the middle of the Nightshade Forest—a dark woods with glowing blue and purple trees. She soon learns that the magic in the kingdom is out of control, and it is up to Eleanor to restore what has gone missing.


Join Eleanor and her newfound friends, Elfie and Milo in a search for a magic crystal as they fight off creatures Eleanor has only dreamed about.  Can she make it to the happily-ever-after and rejoin her family, or will she be stuck in the Nightshade Forest forever?

Sometimes a magic portal can be found in ordinary things. That’s exactly what Eleanor Mason discovers when she receives a tattered book of stories from her father.


After her first adventure in the Nightshade Forest, Eleanor quickly jumps through the portal again, only to find herself standing in a field of golden wheat. When a nervous rabbit asks her to save the city from an evil imp with a magic spinning wheel, Eleanor knows she must join him on an epic adventure to solve a riddle, destroy the wheel, and save the townspeople—all before the sun rises on the city.


Can Eleanor rely on the prophecy of an ancient fairy statue to save the day, or will she run out of time and watch as her friends slowly turn to gold?

Book Two:
City of Gold

Book Three:
Cave of stories


 Desperate to rid herself of the magical fairytale book given to her by her father, Eleanor Mason rushes to the library to find answers from her librarian, Mrs. O’Leary.


As Eleanor stands in the magical stockroom of books just like the one in her bag, books start flying off shelves, and Eleanor finds herself falling through an entirely different portal--a book that lands her in Dewey: The Cave of Stories.


When Mrs. O’Leary discovers what has happened, the book wizard tells her she has three days to find and rescue Eleanor before he blows the cave to smithereens.


Join friends old and new as they help Mrs. O’Leary save their portal-hopping friend in Eleanor’s last and most exciting adventure.

Coloring Book


If your children loved the characters in Eleanor Mason's Literary Adventures, they are sure to love the beautifully illustrated coloring and activity book.

This coloring book has favorite characters from Nightshade Forest, City of Gold, and Cave of Stories, along with puzzles to solve!

The illustrations were done by Ricasketches. 




This is the writer's journal that goes along with Eleanor Mason's Literary Adventures trilogy. It's the perfect writing journal for middle-grade writers, as it starts with a letter from Eleanor, a few writing prompts, areas for sketches, and then blank, lined pages for creating their own fairytale.

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