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Middle-grade Monday feature--Estelle Grace Tudor

Hello friends! Today we are going to chat with author of Octavia Bloom and the Missing Key, a middle grade portal book filled with magic and adventure. The book was released today, so make sure you grab a copy!

What is the name of your book, and where can people purchase it?

The book is called OCTAVIA BLOOM AND THE MISSING KEY, and it is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Book Depository. I also sell signed copies and merchandise from my website

What gave you the inspiration to write your book?

I have always loved fairies and I was looking for a creative outlet to share with my children when I came across a lady who created magnificent fairy doors. I became an ambassador for her company and purchased a few doors for my children. Through my daily setting up of little scenes outside the door I got to thinking about what would happen if a curious child went through the door, and the story evolved from there.

Tell us a little about the Main Character

Octavia had been a character in my mind for a long time and she was most insistent that I tell her story, and so she became the little girl who made it through the door. She is almost 10 years old and is loyal, brave, curious and a bit exuberant. All she wants is her family together, (and a bit of adventure), and after two life changing secrets are revealed following the discovery of a tiny fairy door she realizes she needs to go through the door to make sure that happens.

Why did you choose to write middle-grade?

It is such a fun genre to write in, you can explore some great themes as well as throwing in dashes of magic. Your imagination can run riot and tell a tale that will have your readers gasping, laughing and just purely feeling that they are right there with their favourite characters.

Why will kids love your book?

All children need a bit of escapism, especially now with so much uncertainty in the world. Through this book they can forget about everyday worries and just immerse themselves in a magical world with a heroine they can root for and relate to. There is also sibling bonds, unicorns, talking animals, magical flowers, a curse to reverse, castles galore and a villain that just won’t give up!

Tell me a little bit about yourself. Other than writing, what are your hobbies?

Other than writing, I love reading, making things and spending time with my family. I used to run a craft blog and enjoy creating home and party décor. I also love exploring castles and was lucky enough to have worked in one for 6 years, before having my children. The castle I worked at is the inspiration for Castle Bloom in the book.

Do you have plans for future books?

Absolutely! Book Two in the series, BEATRICE BLOOM AND THE STAR CRYSTAL releases on 20th November 2020, with the remaining three books releasing throughout 2021.

If you could have lunch with any author, who would you choose and why?

Ooh, good question! I would choose C S Lewis, as he is the one that started my writing journey when I was a child. His books have stayed with me and I feel a familiar sense of homecoming when I read one. My ‘Through The Fairy Door’ series has the same nostalgic, classic feel to it, which I hope will be enjoyed by young and old readers alike.

Do you have any advice for aspiring middle-grade authors?

Read lots of middle grade books to get a feel for the genre. But essentially you just have to write the story that is in your heart and it will find its readers.

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